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Morton Salt Seasoned Salt Review from Dandridge, Tennessee
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I just purchase this a week and a half ago . I been cooking with it and yesterday i opened the big part on the cap . Two pill like balls came out and i touched it to see what it was. So i busted it and white stuff came out . i called the 1800 number on back and sent a email with the same pictures. We both agreed it waa some kind of larvea or larva and all they can say is to trash it . Im approved for coupons on they behalf but my family been... Read more

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I was out of my regular water softener salt and reluctantly bought Morton's System Saver II as a substitute. The company adds an additive in the product to help clean the water softener. It doesn't disclose anywhere on the bag or the website what that additive is. A few days after I put the salt in the brine tank, I began to get rash-like hives all over exposed parts of my body in the middle of the night. I woke up to itchy hive like... Read more

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Yet they put handles on 40lb bags sold in Grocery chains. Senior citizens have a hard job trying to manipulate these heavy bags, that weigh 50 lbs. without handles. Costco sells the 50 lb. bag for $4.59; Local grocery chains sell the 40 lb. bag for $6.49, which has a handle. This does not make sense! Why they cannot put a handle on the heavier bag and charge a few cents more is foreign to me. Please reply, I would appreciate a sensible answer.... Read more

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Don't buy Morton Salt products. I had been a heavy user of their water softener pellets until they ran a promotion in 2007 that offered a free bag of salt pellets for proof of purchase of 12 bags. I sent them proofs from 36 bags, but they returned only 1 free certificate. When I contacted them by phone the service representative was extraordinarily rude, and even refused to connect me to a supervisor. Three additional messages left on the... Read more

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