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I was out of my regular water softener salt and reluctantly bought Morton's System Saver II as a substitute. The company adds an additive in the product to help clean the water softener. It doesn't disclose anywhere on the bag or the website what that additive is. A few days after I put the salt in the brine tank, I began to get rash-like hives all over exposed parts of my body in the middle of the night. I woke up to itchy hive like allergic reactions. These were clearly not insect bites. To be sure, I washed the sheets without any detergent or fabric softenener and still the allergic reaction continued. When I wear clothes washed prior to using System Saver II, the rash does not occur. Coincidence? I don't think so. The company is aware that it's product can cause itchy skin in some of its users.

Excerpt below from:


After using Morton water softening products why does my skin itch?

The additives used in Morton® System Saver® II or Morton® Rust Remover are normally removed from the water system during the brine and rinse cycle of the regeneration process. Even though it is unlikely that the additives in the salt product could be the cause of the skin itch, you may wish to try a product with no additives, such as Morton® White Crystal® products or Morton® Potassium Chloride Pellets. It would be prudent to consult with a dermatologist

Monetary Loss: $10000.

Preferred solution: The company should voluntarily inform consumers on the bag and website that use of the produce may result in itchiness and allergic reactions..

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I am having issues now for the past year and have been to doctor over and over! Now we are down to the water and salt!

I go on vacation away showering in hotels and the rash goes away!

Something is wrong with my water or the salt - Morton rust remover system saver II! I am concerned so water test first then salt second!


I did a search and was unable to find anything more than sodium chloride listed anywhere as an ingredient of the product. I am curious just what the extra ingredient is, also. Why not call Morton up---get their number from their website---or email them if they have a "contact us." Might be interesting to hear what they say the extra ingredient is.


Same exact problem. No joke - my monetary loss is at least that high.

Can't get it out of the resin or water softener or even faucets with plastic parts leech the chemical so had to replace everything. All softener companies act like they've never heard of this problem too.


Monetary Loss: $10000. ??!!



Ugh...I think this may be my problem as well! It is the only thing I have changed and I started getting hives/rash about 2 days after adding the Morton Rust Remover salt pellets in my softener. I will be switching back to the Lowe's brand today and let you know if it makes a difference!


The same thing happened to mr

Richmond, Indiana, United States #944129

This happened to me as well but it took weeks to figure out because my wife bought the wrong salt for the tank and I did not know. Terrible to deal with.

to Fred aimes #1367944

Your wife is terrible to deal with ??

Thats a bit harsh sir.....

Cut her some slack, I'm sure it was a honest mistake....good God.

to scotty1972 #1395508

He was not speaking about his wife. He was speaking about the problem of the wrong salt.

How you deduced he was disrespecting his wife is beyond me. SMH.

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